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Los Angeles, its clichés and the fantasies it arouses with, as a recurrent feature, the swimming pool. Sabina Jacobsson’s film re-visits David Hockney’s paintings from the period 1965-1972, and his emblematic and sophisticated characters, in dream homes. In Pierre Pauze’s film, a strange institute proposes to rely on the memory of water in order to maintain its everlasting usefulness and have accessto eternal life. In his clip, with Abraham Murder drawing inspiration from the video game Les Sims3, there is an enduring image of the wild party with its magnificent bodies and its amazing cars, invariably happening around the inevitable pool.


The Collectors at MADATAC

MADATAC is a leading international event that takes a culturally diverse approach to cutting-edge experimental and new media audiovisual culture, particularly valuing innovation, originality and risk taking in art projects. It aims to encourage public participation in audiovisual digital art and new media art culture and to promote knowledge exchange between professionals with collaborative projects that serve as a collective digital art laboratory. It is held in Madrid in January 2018.


International community of time-based media artists

6×6 project is an artist-run online platform dedicated to the distribution and promotion of artists’ works in digital form. Founded by artist Mirelle Borra in 2017, 6×6 project is engaged in building an international community of artists.

The 6×6 project platform facilitates artists to sell limited editions / rentals and control the terms of sale of their time-based media art. 6×6 project draws inspiration from the alternative art space movement of the 1970s in New York by utilizing the ‘artists-selecting-artists’ model. Six artists, each selecting one artist for inclusion on the platform, every six weeks. 6×6 project offers a more multifaceted approach for the audience to discover artists’ moving image works.

We are particularly interested in artistic practices with an emphasis on critical perspectives. Our aim is to disseminate artists’ works to reach a worldwide audience and to foster an ongoing dialogue.


6th Mumbai Shorts International Filmfestival -17

The Collectors was awarded at the 6th Mumbai Shorts Int. Festival with Honorable Jury Mention


Mumbai- The city of celluloid dreams since past century- is the destination of thousands of budding & professional filmmakers in India & world. The city has nurtured many great filmmakers, technicians & entertained the millions worldwide through cinema. People also fondly called it as Bollywood. In the highly competitive age of cinema ‘Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival’ is the platform for short filmmakers to put their work forward among the league of professional.

MSIFF, a progressive cinema movement started in year 2012 with the consultation of senior industry members to highlight the short cinema. The inaugural year followed 2013, 14, 15 & 16 editions witnesses the great participation & enthusiasm from filmmakers & industry professionals from India & abroad. The festival objective is to contribute towards the development of upcoming filmmakers & to create short films culture in India.

The festival aims is to feature great cinema of worldwide filmmakers in a big way & at the same time providing professional networking & introducing current trends of cinema to the participants. The festival also strongly advocates the need of commercial short film industry in India & will raise the issues related to short films in front of various governing bodies of cinema.

6th MSIFF-17 will prove one more step towards achieving excellence & enhancing your skills in cinema & fore sure it will contribute immensely in your growth as filmmaker.


11 November 2017 - 28 Februari 2018

Saturday 11 November 14:30 artist talk with SABINA JACOBSSON  // Moderator TOR BILLGREN

Digitaliseum is a gallery presenting Swedish and international contemporary digital art by new and emerging as well as established artists working within the digital format. Digitaliseum was founded in Malmö 2014 and located in the old industrial harbour area just minutes walk from the center of Malmö City.

Fredrik Weerasinghe • Founder & Curator

Sydsvenskan (November 2017) Carolina Söderholm om The Collectors på Digitaliseum Malmö.

6th Delhi Shorts Int. Filmfestival

The Collectors was awarded at the 6th Delhi Shorts Int. Festival with Honorable Jury Mention

6th Delhi Shorts International Film Festival-2017 is meant to grow many folds. The inaugural year 2012 was a big success followed by super successful previous editions & enjoys the credibility of one of the most trusted short film festival of India. The festival was not only embraced by the short filmmaker’s but regarded by the media & industry members also.

The festival objective is to boost-up the short film market & providing exhibition platform to short filmmakers. The festival gives the professional networking opportunities & at the same time introduces the latest trends in cinema to the filmmakers. 6th DSIFF-17 is a unique platform here you can share, learn, showcase, observe & do many more thing to polish your creative & technical skills. We hope that this festival will turn a milestone in your filmmaking career. 


5th Indian Cine Film Festival 2017

The Collectors was awarded at the 5th Indian Cine Film Festival with Honorable Jury Mention

India Cine Film Festival has its roots almost a decade back in northern India. The festival was launched in Meerut and was concluded successfully in Noida with participation from almost 18 countries. In year 2014 the Miniboxoffice has adopted the festival officially from its organizers and Indian Cine Film Festival are now moving with passionate minds of Miniboxoffice.  The ICFF-17 aim is to give momentum to the independent cinema.

The ICFF objective is to create a platform for the meeting, sharing & development of great cinematic ideas. The festival along with international competitive films screenings also holds a film market & industry oriented master classes & discussions. The festival will provide a central point where industry people can share business and new opportunities shall be created for new talent.

The 5th edition of Indian Cine Film Festival is aimed to set new milestone and it’s an endeavor of Miniboxoffice to make it relevant for each & every participant. With this I welcome you all & see you at ICFF-17 with your cinematic craft.

6th Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival 2017

The Collectors was awarded at the 6th Kolkata Shorts Film Festival with Special Festival Mention. 

6th Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival-17 is an amalgamation of unleash cinematic creativity & madness of cine-goers of beautiful city of Kolkata. The Kolkata city is the hub of Bengali Cinema, a culturally rich & destination of many budding filmmakers since past century. The festival objective is to give momentum to the short cinema & to foster the growth of new breed of filmmakers.

The festival is dedicated to serve the short filmmakers specifically from west Bengal, Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Orissa along with short film makers from India & world.

The humble journey of KSIFF has began in year 2012 to mark the 100 years celebration of Indian cinema & to salute the contribution of the Bengali film industry towards the development of cinema in India. The 2012, 13, 14, 15 & 16 editions of festival were huge success with participation from all over India & foreign nations and are the trendsetter festival in India & now in huge demand among young filmmakers. 

The festival provide platform to aspiring and professional filmmakers for showcasing their talent with networking & marketing opportunities in film industry. The festival also hosts master classes & short film market. The festival objective is to create short films culture, promotion of upcoming filmmakers, developing sources of revenue generation for short films and to make short film making a commercial enterprise. 

With this I welcome all filmmakers to participate in 6th KSIFF-17.


6th Bangalore Shorts Film Festival 2017


The Collectors was awarded at the 6th Bangalore Shorts Film Festival with Special Festival Mention. 

6th Bangalore Shorts Film Festival-17 is a movement to recognize & popularize the work of young & experienced filmmakers from across the India & world. The humble journey of BSFF has began in year 2012 to mark the 100 years celebration of Indian cinema & to salute the contribution of the Kannada film industry towards the development of cinema in India. The festival provide platform to aspiring and professional filmmakers for showcasing their talent with networking & marketing opportunities in film industry.

The festival objective is to create short films culture in India, promotion of upcoming filmmakers, developing sources of revenue generation for short films and to make short film making a commercial enterprise. BSFF-12, 13, 14, 15 & 16 were great success with huge participation of filmmakers from across the country & abroad.

BSFF-17 aim is to even bigger & better with the participation from filmmakers. This year festival will introduce more workshops & master classes. The Miniboxoffice Film Market will be the highlight for those filmmakers who want to venture into feature film production. The short film contest & festival programming will be the delight to treat.    


12th Annual Film and Video Screenings. INDEX ART CENTER in Newark, New Jersey.
Filmideo is a yearly event, that celebrates the great diversity and work of independent filmmakers and video artists from around the globe. Since 2006, “Filmideo” has been organized as an annual event to promote video and film formats in a fine arts exhibition environment. For twelve consecutive years, over 10,000 attendees have been given the opportunity to view a variety of digital media expressing many different narratives and socio-political currencies. “Filmideo” is an open-ended discourse that educates visitors via the multiplicity of narratives as illuminated in the video and film selections presented each year.

9.2 - 9.3 2017


Welcome to the 7th edition of FOKUS video art festival. Again this year, we present a month dedicated to video art running from February 9 to March 9 2017. With FOKUS, Nikolaj Kunsthal aims to make video art visible as one of the most significant and vibrant expressions of contemporary art.

More than 150 video works by artists from 22 different countries were submitted for FOKUS 2017. This year’s festival jury has selected the 10 best video productions, presented here in this programme, which constitute this 2017 edition of FOKUS.

During the festival, the jury will award three prizes to the final winners of FOKUS 2017 among the 10 nominated artists.

This year, FOKUS moves beyond the exhibition format so you can experience the festival wherever you are and whenever you feel like it. At home, on your couch, on the train, on a café. All films are available via the FOKUS app or online during the entire festival period. You will also find FOKUS at selected places in the city.

Helene Nyborg skriver om videoværket "The Collectors (short version)" af Sabina Jacobsson:
"En stilsikker film, som omhandler et eksklusivt miljø defineret af en særlig æstetik og kærlighed til kunsten. Det er kunsten for kunstens skyld komprimeret i en sanselig swimmingpool-scene, der fremhæver David Hockneys L.A.-værker og hans teori om de gamle mestres teknikker." 
Se videoværket her:
Helene Nyborg writes about "The Collectors (short version)" by Sabina Jacobsson: "A stylish film about an exclusive environment defined by a certain aesthetic and love of art. This isart for art’s sake condensed into a sensual swimming pool scene, referencing David Hockney’s L.A. scenes and his theory about the techniques of the old masters." Watch the video here:

Mix Brasil Festival of Diversity, Sān Paolo Brazil

We would like to officially invite your film THE COLLECTORS for the next edition of Mix Brasil Festival of Diversity, to be held from November 9th to 20th, 2016.  Created in 1993, Mix Brasil has become a national and international political and cultural reference in issues related to LGBTQ and minorities cultures and is the oldest and most prestigious queer festival in Latin America.


The 2016 BLOW-UP ARTHOUSE FILM FESTIVAL links the most creative artists together with very intelligent audiences for its annual festival of narrative and documentary films, shorts, animations, experimental films, and student work. The Festival was named after the Michelangelo Antonioni's iconic film "Blow-Up".

The Festival pursues goals to introduce more people to the arthouse film. We believe that a story driven by a genuine expression can stimulate new thoughts that have the power to promote the fundamental principles of humanism, expand creative frontiers, stimulate new levels of compassion, and even lead to social change. We welcome serious films aimed at a specific audience rather than a mass-market consumer. We would like to see films made primarily for aesthetic and philosophical reasons rather than commercial profit. 

The Festival is an organization dedicated to the discovery and development of independent artists and audiences. The Festival seeks to support and inspire independent film and theatre artists from the United States and around the world, and to introduce audiences to their new work. We also welcome established Arthouse filmmakers, who already attained a major contribution to the art of filmmaking. The festival would like to approach the caliber of films made by such great directors as Eisenstein, Antonioni, Fellini, Tarkovsky, Godard, Truffaut, Pasolini, Kurosawa, Buñuel, Norshteyn.

Shorts On Tap presents: POETRY & DREAM - A selection of lyrical short films on Monday, October 10th at Cafe 1001, Brick Lane, London E1 from 7pm.

Shorts On Tap is an award-winning London-based short film screening platform for both up&coming and established film-makers to showcase their work, exchange ideas and receive feedback. Shorts On Tap also aims at facilitating the spreading of ideas and awareness on social issues through film. A young company that grew to be one of the most vibrant hubs for film-makers and film lovers alike in just over 2 years.

17.09.16 - 09.10.16 Gallery KIT, Trondheim
29.10.16 - 03.12.16 ArtMuseum NordTrøndelag, Namsos

Trondelag exhibition is an annual regional exhibition of visual arts and organized by Trondelag Visual Artists (TBK) and administered by the Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary (TSSK) . Trondelag show will be arranged as an juried collective exhibition and based on free submissions of work by artists with connection to Trondelag. In 2016 the exhibition is organized for the 40th time and this will be highlighted in different ways.


Der Videokunstpreis geht in diesem Jahr an Lydia Kaminski für den handgezeichneten Stop-Motion Film SO FAR und ist in der Ausstellung VOM ENDE UND ANFANG im Stadtmuseum Kaufbeuren vom 22. September bis 9. Oktober zu sehen.

Weitere Videokunst wird am 3. Oktober im Corona KinoPlex gezeigt.

3rd Goa Short Film Festival in October 2016.
15th & 16 October at Art and Culture, Panaji Goa

21.10.16 - 23.10.16

20th International Video Festival VIDEOMEDEJA takes place in Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, in Novi Sad, Serbia.


Oslo Fusion International Filmfestival
05.09.16 - 11.09.16

26th Oslo Fusion  International Filmfestival. Annual film festival focusing on diversity, empowerment, equality, and human rights.

28.06.16 - 21.08.16

I samarbeid med Kortfilmfestivalen i Grimstad viser vi fire utvalgte filmer fra årets program. BØYGEN av Kristian Pedersen, RETRETT av Itonje Søimer Guttormsen, PROSESS: PUST av Line Klungseth Johansen og THE COLLECTORS av Sabina Jacobsson. Filmen Retrett er nominert til Amanda og vant også Norsk filmkritikerlags pris 2016.

The 39th Norwegian Shortfilm Festival in Grimstad. 
08.06.16 - 12.06.16
Program 2016

The Norwegian Short Film Festival is an important debut arena for many young filmmakers in Norway, and for the more established filmmakers perhaps the most important showcase for free and independent movies. The competition programme for international short films attracts filmmakers from the rest of the world to Grimstad, and the festival facilitates for bonds to be tied between the Norwegian and the international film community. The films submitted to both the Norwegian and international competitions are discussed during daily participant gatherings.
In addition to the award programmes, the festival presents retrospectives, international documentaries, newer film and video experiments and film occupational seminars and debates.


From Z Film Magzine No. 3 2016:


14.5 - 5.6 2016
Galleri 54 is an artist-run gallery in Gothenburg, Sweden. Group 54, formed in 1954 as a reaction to the Gothenburg art climate that was considered confined and conservative, runs the gallery.

The gallery has existed since 1959, and is run by a board consisting of 7-10 artists working in the Gothenburg area. The board members are replaced on a regular basis. Our primary task is to offer interesting and varied exhibitions showing local, national and international artists. Our aim is to offer artists a possibility to show their work and to fomulate their ideas without the commercial pressure and influence.

In addition to regular exhibitions, our programme includes Peepshow – a small window gallery outside by the street, Videoteket – a collection of video works accessible at the office in the gallery, and Andra Former – regularly evening events arranged as an alternative form of presenting and discussing contemporary art. We also mediate contacts and act to make artists working in Gothenburg more noticed nationally and abroad.

Galleri 54
Kastellgatan 7
413 07 Göteborg

Phone/fax: +46 (0)31-136830
Visit our Facebook page


25.2 - 13.3 2016

Tenthaus Oslo is a project space in Oslo. It is an artist initiative run by Helen Eriksen, Ebba Moi and Stefan Schröder.