This is a shortfilm project based on paintings by David Hockney in the period 1965-1972. The film also touches his theories on the secret knowledge of our old masters from his book in 2001, 2006. "Rediscovering the Lost Techinques of the Old Masters".


Jacob Jessen, Professor at the Art Academy in Trondheim, NTNU

The Collectors distinguishes itself by creating an aesthetic experience for the viewer, located at the intersection of 'moving image' and painting. Based on David Hockney's work and specific picturesque style the video work creates a time-based experience of otherwise picturesque qualities - to see her movie feels like traveling around the surfaces of a staged painting. 
The work is titled 'The Collectors', taken from a painting by Hockney, and thus refers both to collectors as a factor and players in the art world, and the framework for the formal artistic study. A study which technique, set design and architecture successfully merges its viewer sensually into an aesthetic tight and stylized imagery. A success criteria for the work is its cinematic inconclusiveness - we're placed in the middle of a plot without direction, beginning or end, but headed instead around in the scenography as a material and as a formal structure. 

With this sensuously inclusive study leaves Sabina Jacobson's film us with a different experience of the cinematic in visual arts.

Duration: 17:37 min.
Format: BMCC-ProResHQ. DCP.

Starring: Guinevere Turner and Agnes Olech
Sound & Music: Per Platou
Assistant Director: Tina Holth
Director: Sabina Jacobsson

With support from:
Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond
Norsk Kulturfond
Norsk Fotografisk Fond

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